Bright, Victoria. A foodie’s adventure

A friend once told me that there was a town in Victoria where they planted lots of deciduous European trees that look extra colorful in Autumn. After knowing this region also boasts a few hatted restaurants and some great local seasonal produce, we decided that a foodies weekend was called for! An indulgence of taste and sight~the adventure to Bright did not disappoint.

We only brought 1 lens and 1 SLR body with us this trip: the 5DIII and 100mm macro. Oh and used our camera phone for all the wide shots!

Not all trees have changed color yet, amongst all the greenery, I spotted a giant maple leaf

Along the great alpine road driving into bright, we saw some gorgeous colorful teardrop shaped trees

First stop: Milawa Cheese Factory! Tasting the famous Brown Brothers Moscato

The leaves have only just started to turn, I imagine autumn in Bright to be be in its full glory in 3 weeks’ time.


That night we treated ourselves to a delicious 8 course degustation dinner with matching wines at the town’s famous 2 hatted restaurant: Simone’s of Bright (we had to book weeks ahead as they fill out pretty quickly)

Gnocchetti Raviolone, free-range Kiewa egg yolk, gorgonzola, black truffle, crispy pancetta.

This was my favorite course because of the egg yolk surprise inside!!

We woke up next morning to a gourmet hot breakfast, complimentary of our hotel: Bright on Track

Then it was off to explore the surrounds!Then it was off to explore the surrounds!We satisfied¬†Daniel Lim‘s alcoholic cravings with more beer tasting @ Bright breweryThen headed for lunch at Coral Lee cafe, this pumpkin dish was Ah-mazing!
  Driving out of Bright, we notice the vegetation has changed back to the Australian natives and evergreens. We did spot a few sky divers along the way, I imagine the colorful trees to look quite pretty from aboveWe also found lots of fallen wild pears scattered all over the groundAutumn=chestnut season. There were so many fallen chestnuts on the ground, we collected a whole bag within minutes!! Free chestnuts, yay!

Last stop for dinner: we almost skipped it but glad we didn’t. This place is a MUST VISIT if you happen to be near the region. It’s called Bank St Pizza

This is the best dessert pizza I’ve ever tasted! absolute indulgence with crispy dough on the outside and oozing with warm nutella goodness inside with icecream and sprinkled sugar icing on topin the town of Avenal.


Haha, here’s my super happy but slightly guilty face before I demolished 2/3 of it (Daniel only offered to eat 1/3 :P). A perfectly satisfying dessert course to finish off this foodie’s weekend!!!