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Fitness photoshoot / Skye Lee

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Skye Lee’s resolution and discipline to become fit is an inspiration to many. You can follow her witty comments and progress at Here are a few photos I took for her portfolio  

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Alice in Wonderland photoshoot


This is my first ‘venture’ into a fashion editorial style shoot. It was a very contrasty sunny morning and the shoot only lasted 1.5 hours as the mid day sun scorched down upon us at a very unflattering angle, plus Kitrina had to leave early. Despite all that, we were efficient with our photo shoot and […]

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Baby Hannah


At only 4 months old, Hannah has already grown a head full of hair. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?  

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Melbourne Family Photography / Jenny, Dong and Ethan Yang

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I still remember Jenny’s radiant smile on her wedding day 4.5 years ago. Her wedding was the first one I’ve ever photographed; how time flies and how fast do the little ones grow! The last I saw of little Ethan, he was tiny and fast asleep wrapped up in a little blanket. This time Ethan […]

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Baby and Pregnancy Photography


Life consists of many major transitions, and just like getting married, this beautiful transition into motherhood can also be treasured and immortalized in photography. There is something poignant and magical about bringing a new life into this world, I see it in Ida’s eyes as she related her past few month’s experience to me. And […]

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Playing with light: portrait experiments

I like to push my boundaries when it comes to photography. Challenges keep me interested and passionate with what I do. Here are a few examples of my experimentation with light: Meet Daniel, budding actor and superstar break dancerJoy by the pool I have some gorgeous friend to experiment light with (they’re my Japan travel […]

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