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Montsalvat Wedding, Serenity and Nick


Welcome to Serenity and Nick’s fairytale themed wedding, appropriately set in the romantic backdrop of Mont Salvat.  Serenity looked every bit like a princess with her gorgeous flowy blond curls. Their wedding reminded me of a Taylor Swift love story music video! Serenity once told me, ‘I love Disney, and I love fairytales and I chose to have birds (mainly blue) as our theme as there are always blue birds hanging around Disney princesses.’ How cute are these blue bird hair […]

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333 Collins St Wedding, The Atlantic Group Wedding Reception, Florence and Luke

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Happy 2013 everyone!! Hope you’re all having a great start to the new year. My apologies for not updating this blog as frequently as I normally do. It’s been a crazily busy wedding season (in a good way!) so I’ve been spending most of my time shooting and editing weddings every week, rather than posting […]

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Leonda by the Yarra Reception Wedding, Anh and Min

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When they say Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day, I would agree and add that this is especially true in spring. On Anh and Min’s wedding day, We had the works, rain, sunshine, cloudy…you name it! This was quite interesting because one of the topics I covered that week for my seminar presentation at […]

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Mandalay Reception Wedding / Joanne and Andy


You may remember Jo and Andy from their previous engagement shoot. I love photographing this couple because they are so comfortable with each other and in front of the camera, their chemistry, happiness and love for each other really show in every photograph.The day started at Jo’s residence, where I was greeted by the cutest […]

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Quat Quatta Wedding, Jade and Darren


Jade is an outgoing, optimistic and adventurous kind of girl and I’ve been friends with her for many years. Throughout our single days and Japan travels, we used to chat about the type of guy we want to end up with. ‘Someone similar to me, who will be my best friend’ I remember her telling […]

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The Manor On High Wedding, Ana and Mark


Melbourne is a rich tapestry, woven by cultures influenced by migrants who come from all corners of this world.  Aside from getting really good authentic cuisine; as a wedding photographer, you get to experience many unique ways of celebration too. I was lucky to be part of Ana and Mark’s wedding celebration, Croatian style. Ana […]

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Potters Reception Wedding, Isabelle and Nepean


  “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” –  William Shakespeare Once upon a time, Nepean met a pretty girl named Isabelle at work. He was smitten. One cloudless summer’s day, Nepean was still as smitten as ever as he watched Isabelle appear by the chapel door, walking her way down the aisle. You […]

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Tatra Wedding / Julie and Minh

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Julie and Minh’s wedding was one of style and elegance. I didn’t realize how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding, until I got engaged myself! A wedding is a special once in a lifetime event that most girls dream and fantasize about. It is in all the small details, such as flowers, […]

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The Willows Wedding / Iris and Chih


Iris is one of my closest friends at uni. She’s down to earth, sweet natured and also a great travel buddy. I can still recall those fun times we shared snorkelling, white water rafting and parasailing during our Cairns internship. I was so happy to hear from her one day that she was getting married, […]

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Docklands Peninsula Atlantic group Wedding / Crystal Palace Catering / Michelle and Jonathan


A saying goes that ‘a woman is never more beautiful and more radiant than she is on her wedding day’. All eyes are on the bride, and the beauty you see is from the true happiness that comes from within. Michelle is a gorgeous girl from the inside out, and what captured me most is […]

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