Crystal Palace Catering, Cloudhill, Olinda Tea House Engagement, Peter and Annabella

You may have heard of Peter Ling who runs Crystal Palace Catering, one of best Asian wedding caterers in Melbourne. Knowing that Peter must have met so many wedding photographers in his line of business, I was so honored when he asked me to be his wedding photographer. Unfortunately I was already booked on their wedding day, hence I became their engagement day photographer instead.

One of the sweetest and most creative wedding proposal stories I’ve heard in a while, here is how Peter proposed to beautiful Annabella:

Peter and Annabella had planned on taking their parents to lunch for some time at a restaurant called Ocha. Telling her at the start of lunch he forgot something in the car, he returned moments later with a change in outfit. The restaurant lights and music went out while at the same time, the guests in the restaurant, staff and even parents, froze in their place. With dry ice coming though, Peter approached Annabella from behind, similar to a seen from one of their favourite shows ‘Heroes’. With a memorised script in Peter’s non-native language of Mandarin, he told Annabella that he was from the future. That the Peter from the present would be returning any time soon. After a few minutes, he left, with the Peter from the present returning. He then dropped down on one knee to ask his princess the question. Still in shock, it took three tries before finally achieving a ‘Yes’.

Now this is not a typical engagement shoot, as the day also involved families exchanging gifts and serving tea to each other, which is a Taiwanese tradition.  Below, the Ling family arrives at Annabella’s house bearing gifts.

Beautiful gifts and decorations

Annabella’s family also owns Olinda Tea house at the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Now, you can imagine how the food will be, when these 2 ‘catering’ families come together. Let’s just say that we were super spoilt with amazing food on their engagement day!

Check out these giant Koi fish! We shot in Annabella’s front garden! 😀

Our first location shoot was the GPO.


I can see Annabella on the front cover of a Taiwanese bridal magazine 😀

Looking sharp Peter!

What a good looking couple



Wow, look how high Peter can Jump!  By the way, this was NOT photoshopped! 😉


Time for a coffee break, at Ca de Vine Café



Time stood still. In front of the State Library of Victoria

Annabella Vs Peter!


Both looking intense, who will win?

They decided to be on the same team and play doubles instead!


Peter shows us how well he can smash


Peter shows also shows us his magical levitating skills…

… this gave them edge over the competitors and they won! Time to celebrate!!



We later went for a stroll in the beautiful garden of Cloudhill.

Foot massage! Lucky Annabella!

What a beautiful engagement ring



Peter teaches Annabella some golfing skills

Annabella is clearly impressed

Love 😀


In the evening, guests are invited to share in the engagement celebration at the Olinda Tea House.

Annabella looks so pretty in this blue dress

Meanwhile, preparations in the kitchen are in full swing.

Again, amazing food by the Crystal Palace team

We spotted a Kookaburra right outside the tea house!

Some sunset shots to end the day. From this engagement shoot, it’s easy to see why Peter and Annabella is such a well matched couple. They had such an easy going chemistry, and not afraid to be silly and have fun with each other. Congratulations and wishing you both all the best on your wedding day!