Loire Valley France, Penang

From Paris we travelled to Tours for 2 days. It was an unique experience exploring the 15th-16th century castles of the Loire Valley, home and playgrounds of French Royalties, famous artists and their lavish lifestyles. Mind you, they are nowhere near as grand as Versailles, yet just as fascinating, as they possess an altogether different medieval feel. Touching the stone walls as we wondered through the quarters, admiring the faded tapestries, floor to ceiling wall paintings and massive fireplaces with dragon symbols just like those in fairy tale picture books, I was in awe.  It was fun (when it’s not infested with other tourists) just sitting in one of the quarters lamenting on tales and ghosts and history gone by; imagining for a while how it may feel like to live here hundreds of years ago. Standing by the window sill in the bedroom of Leonado Da Vinci, I wondered if his ghost would bestow and inspire upon me, some of his brilliant artistic genius.

Scary cat, Leonardo Da Vinci’s garden

French food outside of Paris is generally cheaper.

As we walked around the small lake against the backdrop of this beautiful fairy tale like castle, I was amazed to hear a loud chorus of frogs croaking. Perhaps this is where they got the notion of ‘kissing a frog to turn him into a prince’ from. 😉

We visited Dan’s hometown of Penang en route to France and stayed one night at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

Getting ready for our wedding photo shoot

Night walk around Old Town, Penang

Street food

Spooky mansion at night


Dresser table

Daniel playing on his ‘imitation ipad’ wearing a Sarong that the hotel provided

Fastest coconut chopper in Penang

Stay tuned for Honeymoon Pt3: Santorini