Melbourne Family Photography / Jenny, Dong and Ethan Yang

I still remember Jenny’s radiant smile on her wedding day 4.5 years ago. Her wedding was the first one I’ve ever photographed; how time flies and how fast do the little ones grow!
The last I saw of little Ethan, he was tiny and fast asleep wrapped up in a little blanket. This time Ethan came bouncing towards me, he laughed as he wrapped his little arms around my legs. That was all it took for me to like this little ball of energy. The joy of photographing kids is that they are complete naturals in front of the camera, they are never conscious of how they look, they are full of life, interesting facial expressions and curiosity (at one point he ran up to me to check out how he looked at the back of my camera!). The only trick though, is that you need to keep their interest and attention, and yes, kids do have short attention spans!! Thanks to good foresight and planning, Jenny and Dong provided plenty of ‘distractions’ and toys as props for this photoshoot.

We started off at Carlton gardens. Ethan needed little directing, he kept running towards me.
I still remember holding my parents hands like this as a child
Chasing pigeons
A family of polar bears
Cheeky little boy
Riding on top of mum and dad
I think at this point, Ethan lost interest and ran off to dig sand…
There he is in the background, still holding his little balloon
One happy family

We were so lucky to catch a rainbow! No photoshop editing required here.:)