Sitting by the sidewalk, the world passes by,
At the crossroad atop the Seine river,
Busy faces, carefree faces, a colourful mix of races,
As the sun waves goodbye and twilight weaves its magic,
The city of light comes to life.

Beautiful faces, strange places,
Majestic buildings sprawl as far as the eye can see,
History etched in every monument,
People watching people watching people,
The city of light continues to intrigue.

~by Jenny and Daniel,

 Paris, May 2012

Guess what? That photo is the exact spot where I made my wish approximately 3 years ago when I spotted a shooting star.:)Here I am back again, this time on a honeymoon.

Travel is a journey punctuated by occasional pleasant and exciting surprises; though many times you are exhausted, jetlagged, suffering digestive problems from foreign food. But we don’t remember these moments, because we always savour the sweeter times, and of course there are many. Even the not so sweet moments are usually diluted with time and looked at with fondness, when viewed through the rose tinted glass of reminiscence. The biggest lure for me is the discovery of new places and its photography opportunity; for Dan, it’s the food: as if each meal is a new cultural attraction in itself. I had my list of places to see, Dan had a checklist of cuisines to taste.

Strolling along Mont Martre, we found the place where Amelie worked.

Paris is famous for its fromage

Despite my lack of appreciation of the local food (having efficiently acquired’digestive upsets’ within our first 2 days, my stomach practically leaped for joy when I had my first taste of Wonton noodle soup at a Chinese Restaurant in Paris!), I don’t mind their ‘boulangerie’ which is French for ‘bakery, except their bakery is nothing like the ones in Australia. I salivate at the sight of their amazing assortments of maccaroons, strawberry tarts, chocolate cakes etc…abit like Laurent on steroids. I just wanted to try them all

I’m so glad we took the ‘city discovery tour’. Our enthusiastic local guides gave us much fascinating insights and interesting
tragic love stories behind the monuments we visited. This time I left Paris with a little more understanding of its history,
such as the French Revolution, the lavish lifestyles of ancient French Royalties. Below is a photo of us on a discovery tour of Notre Dame.

Painter at work, Mont Martre

I was thrilled to find a pretty French lady modelling for me infront of the Moulin Rouge.

A better way to capture the famous facade than the usual touristy shots 😉

Ok ok, here comes the touristy shot! The iconic Eiffel Tower 😉

Just the 2 of us

We stayed at Secret De Paris, a themed hotel with all the major attractions of Paris. This funky room was called ‘Muse D’Orsay’

Strolling around the Pantheon, Sorbonne University and Luxemburg Gardens

Our next hotel was St Jacques, an elegant artsy hotel located in the Latin Quarters

Hotel staircase

Hotel Lobby

Many nights, we would dine at a random french restaurant with our chairs facing the street, followed by strolling the Paris streets

To seal their eternal love for their loved ones, travellers from the world over would secure their locks on the bridge and toss their key into the Seine River

Notre Dame


Les Invalides

Versaille took us an entire day to explore by foot, and that was only reaching the end of their garden, we had to take the tram to return to the main entrance due to our complaining feet. The place was huge!

Walking amongst the hall of mirrors…
The place is usually flooded by entire hordes of passing tourists, this made taking photos a little tricky…

But then again, in this photo it looks like I have an entourage 😉

Marie Antoinette’s room

The photo below was photoshopped together, since we couldn’t find anyone else to take the photo of both of us, we each took turns taking this picture.

The audio guide they gave us was quite usefulSay a little prayerOutside the palaceThe gardens of Versailles

Resting beside the Temple of Love

The angel inside the Temple of LovePetite Trianon, Versailles

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