Cliff top thoughts

In the middle of the night, I woke to the sound of howling wind and it took me a few seconds to realize that I was sleeping in a white Grecian style cave on a sheer cliff top facing the Mediterranean Sea. As I laid there listening to nature’s fury, I thought of shipwrecks and deserted islands, and then remembered that we’re on a honeymoon, safely sheltered, with my new husband snoring happily beside me and 4 days of doing nothing stretching lazily ahead of us. It’s been months since we’ve done nothing. I thought of all the hectic rushing about involved in our wedding planning, even the itinerary-packed trip around France; the long awaited rest and restoration was definitely welcoming thought.

In the morning, the wind quietened and our door opened to a sea of blue and white with a few wispy clouds in the sky. I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Our infinity pool

Our Apartment

Endless blue

I took this flower from the flower tree in front of our apartment


Ray of light

Even dogs here look like they’re on holidays


Changing colours of Santorini

Here’s the problem with getting someone else to take a photos of us with an SLR…

Souvenir shopping

Random bride we saw

Everywhere we went, we saw honeymooners with their SLR. Here’s a newlywed we bumped into at sunset…

As twilight gave way to the night, I overheard a conversation in Mandarin between a sweet young couple. The guy was lying down watching the night sky and the girl skipped about pointing out star constellations, her voice full of wonder and excitement. I took this spontaneous photo just as we were leaving the viewing platform. If you look carefully, you may be able to spot them both in this picture.

Restaurant with a view, Fira.

Sipping pineapple and watermelon juice whilst admiring the view

Our lunch

Dinner at Sunset Seafood Tavern

Following a friend’s suggestion, we decided to go for a short trek down to the docks for some fresh seafood dinner. This dog followed us all the way.

Yummy lobster for dinner accompanied by greek salad

We went on this boat to explore the nearby volcanic island and swim in its hot springs

Fresh off the boat

Wild flowers on volcanic island

A helping hand

The hot spring was too cold to swim in May, so we contented ourselves with a donkey ride back up to Fira instead

Donkey handlers

We stayed at the Dreams Luxury Suite as a special treat for Dan. Rose petals and candlelight adorned our hotel room

Our outdoor Jacuzzi with a view

Dinner is served

Not a bad way to spend your 30th birthday 😉