Seminar for Photographers

When Dawei Ye, organizer of events for Fotoholics and first approached me a month ago, asking if I was interested in giving a guest photography seminar presentation at University of Melbourne, I am glad that I accepted the offer.
Yesterday, I presented a 2 hour seminar presentation on people photography in front of an audience of approximately 100 photography enthusiasts. It was an exhilarating experience, for the first time to be able to share what I’ve learnt and experienced over the last 5 years of professional photography with an audience of eager enthusiasts. It feels good to help inspire people in this industry and receiving positive email feedback from the audience really made my day. I must thank everyone who supported, believed and encouraged me, it would not have been possible without you all.
Here’s the flyer they used to promote this workshop:
That’s me:)

Thank you Adam Patching, for this photo below of the funky looking lecture theatre at “The Spot” Building, University of Melbourne.
Thank you for the following photo! Courtesy of Desmond Chan.
Finally, thank you for some of your feedbacks:
Regina Chan: I went to your seminar today, and I learn a lot about the light. I never know much about those stuff! I have to say the seminar is well prepared and I am glad that I went. so great job.
Maye Lee: Great to meet you personally. You are tall and pretty and ur voice is so nice n soft. thanks for the seminar, it’s really touch my heart when i see u have such a determination to do what you like and you succeed to it! I agree with what u think about the best part of people photography, to preserve the memory! I also think that only photography can freeze the moments, it’s precious !
Ryan Dourado: Loved ur lecture @ Melbourne University!
Elizabeth Reeves: Hi Jenny, I was lucky enough to attend your seminar a couple of weeks back and firstly I would just like to say thank-you! I learnt a lot