The Willows Wedding / Iris and Chih

Iris is one of my closest friends at uni. She’s down to earth, sweet natured and also a great travel buddy. I can still recall those fun times we shared snorkelling, white water rafting and parasailing during our Cairns internship. I was so happy to hear from her one day that she was getting married, I was also curious to meet this lucky guy named Chih.

Iris is not the type who normally dresses up or wears makeup; hence I must admit that when I saw her on her wedding day, I was blown away by how gorgeous she looked! (Chih was too, I saw his facial expression ;)!).

That sparkle in your eyes…

Moment before Chih enters…True happiness is measured by how genuinely they smiled…

A tender moment between mother and daughter, before saying goodbye. She got me all teary…

Meanwhile at Chi’s house, his mum prepared a sumptuous lunch

And the Chinese wedding tradition continues….by the way, these glutinous rice balls are  delicious!


Melbourne Uni is where Iris and I went to studied together; also a very popular spot for wedding photography during weekends. Did you know that if you studied there, you can get the photography permit for free?

Gotta love the fountain at the Royal Exhibition Building

The ceremony was held at The Willows on St Kilda Rd.

Celebrant: ‘how does it feel to be married? Iris: ‘fantastic!’

Wearing a tiara doing the signature wave-some might have mistaken this couple as royalty 😉

Gorgeous reception venue

From the short time that I’ve known Chih and from how happy they both looked on their wedding day, I can tell that they are a good match. I’m so glad that you’ve found each other Iris and Chih, and all the best wishes to you both!