White Night, Melbourne

It’s been months since I woke up so early to see the sunrise.

White Night Melbourne at 5am was devoid of the usual jam-packed crowd. The balmy summer’s night carried an air of mystery and ethereal quality with the many artistic displays and installations. Occasionally we would lie on the grass or beanbags, watching trippy light projections dance across building and lose ourselves to the surrounds and haunting music.

But my favorite part was the sunrise. It never ceases to inspire me, the ever changing colors of the sky, as the sun’s rays peek through the horizon, ushering away the night and awakening this beautiful city with its warming light.

Trippy: people fondling with plants that make weird musical sounds at 5am
The running man was one of my favorite installations!Merry go around that doesn’t go around

Super comfy beanbags for the weary feet

We discovered live Jazz music at the Forum 5:30am. I got into the groove and did some swing dancing 😉

So many people camped out in the city overnightThe sky starting to lighten, 6:40am

Swans by the dawning light You and me, by the riverside Slowly, the rising sun peeked out of the horizon, bathing us in its glorious orange light We’ve been meaning to try out breakfast at Mart 130( that unique cafe next to the tram track in Albert Park) for a while now without any luck as they were always too packed. Since we were super early this time, we managed to get a seat! This cafe had gorgeous decorations, and an equally a sumptuous breakfast ensued …The coffee and breakfast really hit the spot

It tasted as good as it looked.


Here we are trying to look as perky as possible despite the 4am wakeup 😛